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School Bus Attendance

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Caring Eagle is a school bus scheduling and online student attendance software that helps school districts track bus trips and automate morning, afternoon, and evening transportation to/from school. It saves time by providing a fast, easy way to create and schedule routes with the most efficient route, so bus drivers never get lost.

Caring Eagle mobile app gives the parents the ability to track the school bus during its trip to pick-up the student from home or to drop the student from school. It sends notifications to the parents when the bus is near the home to prepare their child for pickup or prepare themselves for drop off.

Caring Eagle prevents the student from riding the wrong bus, gives an alarm to the driver or the bus supervisor if the student is going out of the bus at the wrong address or the student is missing his/her drop off location.

Caring Eagle is the best software companion for school administrators, bus drivers, parents, and students.