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When your company’s revenue comes from labor, you need GHR system to manage your labor forces, to increase your income, and to reduce your running costs.

Distributing your manpower staff into clients and projects. Managing accommodation camps and rooms. Managing timesheets and attendance. Managing annual leaves and air tickets. Transferring wages to banks for hundreds or thousands of workers. Managing tens of buses’ routs and drivers. Managing sick leaves and work injuries compensations. Managing resignations, terminations, and custody. Managing resident permits, health checks, and passports. Managing warnings and awards. Managing CVs and work visas. Managing visa job titles, payroll job titles, and revenue job titles. Managing all the needed tasks of a growing manpower staff.

Yes, it can get messy, but not when you are using GHR system, because it was developed in the Arabian gulf for the Arabian gulf companies.

GHR System manages all your daily HR, Payroll, Attendance, Operations, Transportation, Clients, and Revenue needs in one single system.