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Bosphorus Solutions - Xpress Station

Xpress Station is a cloud-based software that helps organization to manage customer satisfaction surveys, customers’ complaints, and customers’ suggestions. It replaces the old fashion complaints boxes that nobody trusts any more with state-of-the-art solution to handle all your customer satisfaction measurement needs.

Keeping your customers satisfied is not an easy task, you need to listen, act, enhance, train, fix and improve yourself to the level that is expected from your clients.

In the competitive world that we are living, no customer will stay loyal to your services or products if they feel neglected or ignored.

Xpress Station gathers your customer feedback through a short, easy to use survey. It measures your success by ranking customers satisfaction with a score, and shows what customers really like about your business.

Xpress Station converts customers comments into complaints and suggestions, it follow up those complaints inside the organization until reaching a convenient solution to any complain that satisfy the client and protect the organization.